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Thursday 17th January
Welcome to 2013. This Wikispace is not being used this year as 4K have now had a break and have now moved into Year 5!!! VERY EXCITING.
We now have 3 other Wikispaces that you might find useful which are for our NEW Middle Years Programmes. You can find them here: Year 5, Year 6, Year 7.

We would love your support again in 2013 and beyond so please check them out and follow us.
Mr Kemp

Thursday 13th December
Here is the FINAL episode of the AGSN (Avondale Grammar School News) for 2012. Enjoy and please leave us some feedback. We will see you back in 2013.

Wednesday 12th December
Because it was our last day together before Speech Day we said our farewells and did an activity called Warm Fuzzies, where we wrote things that we will miss about each other on sticky notes and gave them to each other. It was a GREAT to hear how much other people like us. We also made a special last day podcast sharing our favourite memories of 2012 - we hope you enjoy and we hope that you have enjoyed sharing our learning with us in 2012. Bring on 2013!!!!!!

Wednesday 12th December
Our last official day at school before the Speech Day tomorrow.
We have had a great relaxing day talking about our fantastic year. The kids have just finished their History podcasts about World War 2 living conditions for children as well and here they are .... ENJOY!!!!

Podcast #1 - created by Mia, Ryan, Lucy, Shea and Lachlan

Podcast #2 - created by Nick, Harry, Sami, Oliver and Angus

Podcast #3 - created by Jahanvi, Charlotte and Alethea

Podcast #4 - created by Felicity, Claire, Lara, Tara and Paris

Tuesday 11th December
This year 4K have had a class mascot - SIR KIWI!
He has been lucky enough to go home with the Star of the Week every Friday. As a result he has explored much of Singapore and many countries around the world. He even went to the Olympic Games this year!! Here is a video to show you Sir Kiwi's 2012 year in 4K. ENJOY!

Monday 10th December
Not long to go now, it is getting a bit sad but we have a lot of exciting things ahead.
Today we had our in class 4K Secret Santa and boy was he great to us. The children got some amazing gifts and loved the experience of giving. Here are some photographs of the day.

Friday 7th December
Here is this week's podcast created by Lachlan, Sami and Shea - enjoy (there will be a finale podcast next week).

Today we received our 5 page feedback sheet from Mr Kemp and our international assessors about our Wikispace Challenge. We all received awards. Here are some photographs of our groups with the awards that we won. We did such an amazing job - Mr Kemp and everyone we have spoken to are VERY proud of us!
Gravity Newton 4K and Cambodian Kids 4K with their feedback and awards
Sports 4K and Football History 4K (Nick absent) with their feedback and awards
Titanic 4K and Wars 4K with their feedback and awards

Thursday 6th December
Secret Santa is close .... Look at the presents Secret Santa has delivered already and put under the tree in our classroom - EXCITING!
Wednesday 5th December
TODAY WE RECEIVED OUR 3000th UNIQUE VISITOR TO OUR WIKISPACE!!!!!!! What an amazing year!!!!!! Well done 4K - I am very proud.
Mr K
Tuesday 4th December
Look at the amazing Kiwi friends relaxing together in 4K today - we love kiwis in 4K :)
Monday 3rd December
Last week we read aloud to the Prep Children. After several weeks of practice we were excited and here are some photos from our reading. The prep teachers and children were amazed at how talented we were - we can't wait to go back and visit - ENJOY!

Thursday 29th November
Swimming carnival tomorrow. What a week we have had - assessments are all over and here is another amazing podcast. This weeks podcast was created by Lucy, Claire and Mia - enjoy.

Wednesday 28th November
We have the swimming carnival on Friday which is very exciting - remember to be at the complex between 7.30am - 7.45am. The event will run from 8am sharp until about 12pm - remember sunscreen, a hat and a water bottle.
Yesterday the Wikispace Challenge wiki's were sent out to the teachers around the world who are assessing our learning for us - we should have our feedback by this time next week - it is VERY exciting times. Here are the Wikispace links - please have a look - the children have done an amazing job!

Wars - inspired by term 4's WW2 topic, this Wikispace is designed to educate people about the many wars that have occurred around the world throughout history.

Titanic - there is a lot of information out there about the Titanic but this Wikispace is designed by kids with relevant information for kids.

Gravity Newton - this exciting project, inspired by this term's science topic of forces and friction, looks at Sir Isaac Newton and everything he has done for modern science

Sports - this Wikispace is everything you need to know from a child's perspective about their favourite sports.

Cambodian Kids - a very thoughtful Wikispace, designed to help raise awareness of Cambodian Kids and the lives that they live.

Football History - a Wikispace all about world football history that inspires others to get involved in the most popular sport in the world.

Monday 26th November
What a great relaxing weekend and only 2 and a half weeks of life in 4K ..... it is exciting but sad as our learning journey comes to an end in 4K. The great thing is looking forward to 2013 and knowing that the holidays will be full of fantastic learning in a different way.
Today the first group read to the Prep children and the second group is reading tomorrow - we will post photographs shortly.
Today we used the iPads and wrote reviews on an app we use to help us with our learning. Here is what we came up with - we decided to put it all into 1 document for you :) ENJOY!

Friday 23rd November
What a great week. This week has been super busy. Full of end of year assessments, excursions and our showcase. What an amazing week and one that has shown how far the learners in 4K have come this year. Here is this weeks podcast created by Sami, Paris and Ryan. We hope you enjoy it - please feel free to leave some feedback. Have a lovely weekend - just under 3 full weeks of school left for 2012. Make the most of it!!!!

Thursday 22nd November
I forgot to upload one of my favourite parts of the showcase from Tuesday, and that was the song. The showcase started with the beautiful voices of 4K. Here is the audio track of the song sung by your amazing children - enjoy!

Wednesday 21st November
What an amazing day we had today on our Year 4 leadership excursion to Forest Adventures. We learnt a lot about leadership qualities and our buzz words at the moment are: perseverance, risk-taking, collaboration and support. Pretty cool words to show what leadership means to us. Here is a photo slideshow of our amazing day out - enjoy.

Tuesday 20th November
Today 4K were the teachers as we opened up our doors to our parents. Today was our showcase presentation where we shared our learning with our amazing and supportive parents. We started off with a very impressive song we have been learning in music and then we shared our learning one on one with our parents. Here is a video with photos from our day. Please leave us some comments, we hope you had a fantastic time today and if you couldn't make it, we hope you enjoy this video.

Friday 16th November
I hope you all had a great day today. Well done on your showcase presentations, they are looking fantastic. I know your parents are going to be very proud.
I enjoyed having a boogie with you all at the disco today, thanks for making today so much fun.
A special well done to Shea, Alethea and Charlotte who were the creators of this week's podcast - which is a special week 5 and 6 podcast because Mr K was away. Enjoying listening to it and feel free to leave them some feedback.
Have a fantastic weekend - we have a busy week next week so rest up!

Thursday 15th November
Kia Ora, I am back from New Zealand and it is great to be back.
I have finally got around to uploading the fantastic AGSN video created by our talented video news group - please have a look and give them some well deserved feedback.

Tuesday 6th November
Today we finalised our Persuasive writing criteria to help us construct great writing. Here is our criteria template to help guide us in our writing. We created this together from our learning so far this term

We also made a criteria today for our Reading Aloud topic for reading. In a few weeks time we will be demonstrating our skills by reading exciting picture books to the Prep children. Here is our co-constructed criteria.

Here are some photo's of us reading aloud today during our first practice session - Mr K was VERY impressed!!! (He is worried that he may never be able to read aloud again because he might get shown up).....
Monday 5th November
Sorry for the delay - here is last week's podcast created by Lara and Tara - enjoy :)

Friday 2nd November
What a fantastic week of learning. We had a busy week swimming every day and by the time we got to today we were pretty exhausted. We will rest up over the weekend and come to school recharged and ready for a great week! This week was also MATH WEEK at Avondale Grammar and 4K led the way with some outstanding learning and interactive fun mathematics with the year 5 and 6 children. On Wednesday we had a fun afternoon of interactive games and problem solving activities and then today we had a math Olympic Challenge. It was BRILLIANT! Mr Kemp and Mr Hoppe were blown away at how well we did. Here are some photo's ......
Wednesday 31st October - HAPPY HALLOWEEN
Happy Halloween from 4K :)
Tuesday 30th October
Well done on the first 2 days of swimming - I am very impressed at how well you are all going. Three more days to go!
It was a lot of fun to get our email addresses all set up today but we are nearly there - here is the Microsoft Office 365 Login page where you can log in to your account
Have a great night - Halloween tomorrow :)

Friday 26th October
I hope everyone is having a well deserved long weekend rest. Here are some photo's of our amazing Skype chat yesterday with Eleanor in England. We miss you and your family Eleanor and love talking to you on Skype. We think your new dog is super cute and hope that we can chat again soon.
Thursday 25th October
Well done to Lucy, Lachlan and Ryan for creating this week's podcast - have a listen and please feel free to leave us some feedback.

Thursday 25th October - Selamat Hari Raya Haji
Thank you 4K for an amazing week of learning. You are all very inspirational - keep up the hard work - you have all come so far this year. Remember to strive to be the best you can be and challenge yourself to take risks in everything you do. Kia Kaha (stay strong).
I am so impressed with the learning you have been doing on your wikispaces with NO support from me - just amazing! Keep up the hard work :)

Here are the links to your wiki's:

Wars - inspired by term 4's WW2 topic, this Wikispace is designed to educate people about the many wars that have occurred around the world throughout history.
Titanic - there is a lot of information out there about the Titanic but this Wikispace is designed by kids with relevant information for kids.
Gravity Newton - this exciting project, inspired by this term's science topic of forces and friction, looks at Sir Isaac Newton and everything he has done for modern science
Sports - this Wikispace is everything you need to know from a child's perspective about their favourite sports.
Cambodian Kids - a very thoughtful Wikispace, designed to help raise awareness of Cambodian Kids and the lives that they live.
Football History - a Wikispace all about world football history that inspires others to get involved in the most popular sport in the world.

Have a safe and happy long weekend and I will see you on Monday. If you get bored over the long weekend, next week's homework sheet has already been uploaded.

Wednesday 24th October
Check out our amazing toucan art that we did with Miss Alicia on Monday. We have them proudly displayed on our window. Thank you Miss Alicia for coming to visit and for looking after us! We hope to see you again soon. We would also love your feedback on our art via the art page.
Tuesday 23rd October
Thank you 4K for looking after Old Man Mr K today. I appreciate your support and help. Well done with your Wiki Challenge pages - you are SUPERB - great effort today in our widget workshop - the pages are looking fantastic!

Monday 22nd October
Sorry I am not at school today. I injured my back last night at Volleyball and am struggling to move around. I hope you are having a great day. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow.
In your own time explore the internet for some cool widgets you can put onto your wikispace challenge site. Here is an example of a survey widget - answer these questions then have a go at making one for yourself.
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Friday 19th October
Wow what a great week of inspirational learning in 4K. As you can see from the daily posts on here - we have had a lot going on.
Something that I forgot to post last term was the illustration work we did in Term 3 for our art unit which was inspired by our novel "Ten". Please click here to go to the Art page to see the work.
Next weeks homework sheet has been uploaded to the Homework page already - you can find it there if you want to get a head start over the weekend. Remember next week is a short week and we are not at school on Friday.
Here is this week's podcast, created by Jahanvi, Claire and Mia. Well done girls, awesome job!

Thursday 18th October
More amazing learning in 4K today - we did an amazing experiment to learn more about Forces and Friction. Here are some photo's showing what we got up to this afternoon as we learnt about how the force of the balloon was held back by the friction of the cotton and the straw ..... Maybe it is something you can try at home.
science 2.jpgScience 44.jpg
science1.jpgscience 3.jpg
Thursday 18th October
We were so lucky AND privileged today to have the amazing author of "Ten", Shamini Flint come and visit us. We interviewed here as well and this will come out in the video news group in week 4. We learnt a lot about what inspires her to be an author and she gave us some great advice. We thought she was an amazing public speaker and was really funny to listen to. Here are some photo's of our morning with Shamini.
Tuesday 16th October
Today, among many other things, we stumbled across a Spoonerism and are fascinated by them .... Spoonerisms happen all the time. Have a look below at the Spoonerisms we came up with - do you know any? Please feel free to share some :)

Monday 15th October
We hope you had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed listening to our Podcasts and Watching our Math Video's that we created last week.
I am very excited to post a podcast reply that we received this morning from our Pen Pal buddies in the USA.

Today we worked hard to get our Wikispace Challenge Pages started today - over the next 6 weeks you will be able to see the amazing skills we have learnt today as the children create their own learning information pages from scratch. The different pages are:
Friday 12th October
We love our buddies from Dilworth Elementary School in USA. We were so excited that the children created a podcast so that our buddies can hear our accents. We hope you enjoy it!!

This week in 4K we have been super busy starting the term - one of the things we have been learning about is Onomatopoeia - here is a podcast we made about Onomatopoeia, have a listen and send us your favourite Onomatopoeia words :)

Thursday 11th October
Today Mr K taught us how to use the amazing "Show Me" App on the iPad. This week we have been learning about a variety of addition strategies. We are all very good at using algorithms but it is important for us to know different ways to solve problems. We had our first go using Show Me today and have uploaded 3 of our favourrite videos on to the Math page - please take a look by clicking here and leave us some feedback. We would love to hear from you. We will continue practicing with the app and share more of our learning through it.

Wednesday 10th October
We are so excited about our buddies from Dilworth Elementary in USA. We love the letters that they have sent us and have started writing our replies.
photo (2).jpgphoto (5).jpg

Monday 8th October - the first day for term 4
Welcome back to the last term of 2012. It is hard to believe it, 2012 has come and gone so quickly!
Today we had a fantastic day and heard about everyone's fantastic holidays. The children found out that we have an excursion in November AND a parent showcase day where parents are invited in to see our learning.
We also received letters from some pen pals in USA which was VERY exciting - we were so excited that we have ALREADY started writing replies. Watch this space :)

Friday 21st September - the last day for term 3
Well done on the fun, family homework challenge this week - it was fantastic to see the children so excited today when they were sharing their learning. They have requested more brain teasers - so here they are you can view them as a PDF or print them and do them as a whole family over the holidays - ENJOY!
Have a safe and happy holiday break and I will see you all back, refreshed and ready to go in 2 weeks :)

Here is the podcast created by Harry, Paris and Sami over the last 2 weeks to share with you what we have been learning about - enjoy it and please leave us some feedback.

Wednesday 19th September
The Matinee performance was OUTSTANDING today!!!! The children have outdone themselves and have made themselves and me VERY proud and I know you are going to be very proud tomorrow night.
Here are some sneak peak photos of 4K in one of our rehearsals earlier in the week - they are very excited about sharing their hard work with you tomorrow night!
Wednesday 12th September
What a busy week - this morning we watched the ELC musical - WOW - what an amazing show they have put on - if you are lucky enough to be attending tomorrow you will LOVE it!
Today Michele Khan brought in the auction art that 4K have created (with the help of some amazing parents - THANK YOU). Here is the final piece. We now need your help by bidding on these items which are on display in the primary reception - this will be auctioned off at the Trivia Night on Friday - if you are not going to be there we would love to have your bid before and we can bid on your behalf. We would love your support!

Friday 7th September
We have had a fantastic end to our week - well done 4K for the massive improvement in behaviour - check out something new we are starting to do - PODCASTS!
A podcast is a way to verbalise our learning - here is our first podcast episode - we will attempt to do one every week - we would love your feedback.

Monday 3rd September
I hope you all had a great weekend and you all got the opportunity to go and check out the amazing Art Gallery display. Well done to all of 4K for the amazing aboriginal art work that you created - you should be VERY proud! Here are the first photographs from the weekend's display - keep them coming and I will upload them.
photo (9).jpg artgallery1.jpg
photo (10).jpgIMG_9813.jpg
Tuesday 28th August
Last week 4K presented their proposals for the 2020 Olympic Games Host City and the quality of the presentations was INCREDIBLE!
Here is a video made up of some photos of each child presenting their proposals. We hope you enjoy!

Thursday 23rd August
Today your Olympic assignments are due and it is EXCITING to already see some amazing creations walking through the door in preparation for your presentations to the IOC today and tomorrow. In the meantime while we wait for these I thought I would show you how close we are to getting 2000 unique visitors to our wikispace - 2000!!!!! WOW!!!! How long do you think it will take - I wonder where the 2000th visitor will be from????
Wednesday 22nd August
This term we are learning all about Procedure Writing. We have read a lot of procedures, created our own criteria and today had a go at creating something from a procedure created by someone else. Today we followed instructions carefully and started creating these amazing "Face-Flick Books". Here are some action shots from today's session. We will finish them tomorrow :) If you have a great procedure we can try send it through!
Photo 22-08-12 9 28 21 AM.jpgPhoto 22-08-12 9 28 10 AM.jpg
Photo 22-08-12 9 42 46 AM.jpgPhoto 22-08-12 9 48 12 AM.jpg

Tuesday 21st August
Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Yesterday was a public holiday here in Singapore to celebrate the end of Ramadan. We are back into it today though and we started book week with a special author visit from published author Sarah Mounsey. She told us about her amazing new picture book "Purple Paw Prints" and gave us some hints on how we can become published authors or illustrators. Here are some photo's of Sarah sharing her story with us:
Thursday 16th August
Today at assembly our AGSN (Avondale Grammar School News) Team presented their very first episode of AGSN. We were blown away at how much they have learnt in such a short time - what do you think? Please leave us some feedback - the children can't wait to bring you Episode 2 before the end of this term :)

Monday 13th August
This term we are reading and writing about Procedures (or instructions). Here is the co-constructed criteria we made. This is what we think should be included in a GREAT procedure. We can't wait to share our writing with you.

Wednesday 8th August
We have had a great first 3 days of our week and have been busy learning a lot about Procedure writing. We have been reading a variety of procedures and analysing them to decide on what WE think should be in a GREAT procedure. Today we started creating a criteria that will be added on here shortly. We will work with it to make sure it is accurate and then we will have a go writing our own procedures and we will assess them against this co-constructed criteria and rubric. In Math we have been busy learning about position and direction and have learnt alot about compass directions. We have also been working hard on our in class Math investigation - thanks to the PA we have been given some money to spend on wet weather and playground games. We have studied, researched and found prices and have nearly created a list of what we would like to spend our $300 on - we have priced them out and hope we get everything we ask for.
Tomorrow is Singapore National Day and is a public holiday in Singapore. We have been learning about what this means and have found out that it is Singapores 47th birthday this year. That means it is 47 years since Singapore became independent from Malaysia. We have created flags and proudly displayed these around the communities we live in. Here is a PowerPoint that we used to help us learn more about this special day in the country that we live:

Monday 6th August
Exciting news ....... We have just found out that our Aboriginal Art is going to be featured at the ReDot Art Gallery here in Singapore alongside many other Professional Aboriginal Paintings - we can't believe it - this just goes to show that hard work and determination pays off. I am VERY proud of you 4K - what an amazing achievement!
Here is the invitation for family and friends of 4K - we hope to see you there on the 1st and 2nd September from 1-6pm to help us celebrate!

Wednesday 1st August
Yesterday and today we started a Math investigation task. We are lucky enough to have been given $300 by the Parents Association (P.A) to spend on wet weather games / activities and anything that would be great for our playing field. We decided we would start an investigation so we started by making a list of the things we would love (our wish list).
From there we started researching for prices - we decided we needed at least 2 different prices and they had to be in Singapore Dollars. Here are some photos from the start of our investigation.
Tuesday 31st July
Today we are going to visit the Gruffalo's blog and write some messages to our friends in New Zealand - here is the link - Mr Kemp will write the username and password on the whiteboard for you to log in.
We posted a lot of comments to our photographs this afternoon and can't wait to get some responses from New Zealand. Go to their blog to see what we wrote about Gruffalo's journey.
Here is a cool link to help you with your Olympic Games study - maybe you could use this to help create your mascot - https://mascot-games.london2012.com/

Monday 30th July
Welcome back to Week 2 of the term. What a spectacle the Olympic Opening Ceremony was - well done London! The children have come in buzzing today - the talk about the assignment is VERY positive - it is great to see this much excitement about their learning .....
Here is the Curriculum Overview for Term 3 - if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :)

Friday 27th July
Today was the end of our first week back and we received a letter from a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
He has asked Mr Kemp to get the children of 4K to choose a country that they think should host the 2020 Olympic Games. In 4 weeks time the children in 4K will be presenting their work to Mr Kemp who will (with Ms Harts help) decide on the presentations that should be considered. We are all buzzing with Olympic Fever and can't wait to see the opening ceremony tonight. The Olympic Games have begun and so has this exciting assignment - here it is - have a look and enjoy this opportunity!

Thursday 26th July
We are back into it here in 4K and we have had a busy week - Mr K has been out doing training sessions for our new computer system on Wednesday and today but we have hit the ground running with our learning. It will be a very busy and quick 9 week term, especially with our Primary musical in weeks 8 and 9.
Today we hosted assembly and did a fantastic job considering it was very such late notice. Mr K was very proud of us - here are some photos of us reading our poetry and sharing our fantastic Aboriginal art work.
assembly2.jpg assembly3.jpg
Monday 16th July
We are 1 week away from the beginning of Term 3. I hope you have all had a lovely holiday break and you are all excited about getting back to school.
I had a great time away and I am looking forward to hearing about what you got up to. This term I have got a lot of exciting learning planned and I can't wait to get stuck into it. We are hosting assembly for Prep-Year 6 on Thursday of Week 1 (this is not a parent invite assembly) so the first few days will be very busy to prepare for that as well as settle back in to our routines.
Next week we welcome Charlotte to 4K - I know you will all make her and her family feel very welcome.
Parents - please check out the Noticeboard page for information about what is happening this term. I have also uploaded the Speaking and Listening timetable for Term 3.
Have a great last week of your holidays and I will see you all on Monday with big smiling faces :) It would be great if you updated your pages before we start on Monday - I would love to have a read.

Mr K

Thursday 21st June
As we approach the end of term 2 tomorrow we have been very busy creating our masterpiece art panel for foundation day. Tomorrow is our school's foundation day to celebrate our 5th birthday. Each year level has created a history inspired art piece to show the journey of Phoenix Park and Avondale Grammar over hundreds of years. Year 4 were given the period of Japanese invasion into Singapore during World War 2 in 1942. We learnt a lot and the children planned, drafted and created this art piece by themselves. We have some very talented artists and I am VERY proud of their final work. Below are some photo's of us working hard to get it finished in time and each group with the art. We hope you like it and we look forward to our last day tomorrow and the foundation day assembly!
Monday 18th June
Here is a photo of our amazing class with out amazing Aboriginal art that we produced. You may see it in the ReDot Art Gallery soon so watch this space - check out the Art page for more photo's and information.
Monday 11th June
On Friday we received a parcel from a school in New Zealand and in it was an exciting surprise. We opened the parcel today and in it was an amazing grufallo!!!!!! SOme of us had no idea what it was but we had some fantastic discussions about it. We are excited to learn more about it and can't wait to share some stories with our friends in Auckland, New Zealand. He has already travelled to other countries around the world. Here are some photos from today:
gruffalo 1.jpg


Tonight our Gruffalo friend all the way from New Zealand went home with one of the wonderful members of 4K. It spent a night enjoying the culture of Singapore and by these pictures just in it looks although it is never going to want to leave. It was even purchased a special Singapore outfit - WOW!!!!!!!! Talk about being spoilt!!!
Here are some quotes from our special host number 1:
"Tonight we took Gruffalo to a cool shop called Build a Bear and got a chinese dress (Cheongsam) which we thought would be a perfect fit. It seemed to enjoy it, we even got some boys boxers (just in case). The gruffalo spent a lovely night enjoying Singapore culture and it enjoyed some lovely Japanese food before going to sleep"
gruffalo2.jpeg gruffalo5.jpeg
gruffalo3.jpeg gruffalo4.jpeg
Thursday 7th June
What a great start to Thursday. I looked up our wikispace today to find we have just had 1500 visitors to our wikispace from over 25 countries around the world!!!! Click on the map above to see more details - WOW - congratulations 4K!!!!!

Monday 4th June
Welcome back to week 8 and with only 3 weeks left to go it will be a busy end to a busy term.
Today we were lucky enough to have Alessandra from the ReDot Fine Art Gallery in for 2 hours to share her Aboriginal Art expertise and experience with us. We spent all morning working with her and learnt a lot! We spent an hour in our groups working together to create some amazing aboriginal art works. Click here to see the Art page and all of the photos from today's amazing incursion.
Thank you for supporting this exciting opportunity - please feel free to pop in at anytime to see the children's amazing work!

Thursday 31st May
Well done to all of 4K for the amazing efforts you put in during our athletics carnival today! I was very impressed with the effort put in both on the track and in the stands to support your house mates. The chants were brilliant and it was a fantastic day to be involved in. Each and every one of you make me very proud with the efforts you put in to everythnig you are involved in! Keep it up :) Here are a couple of photographs from the day. Go home and rest and be ready for a fun Friday tomorrow :)
ath2.jpg ath3.jpg
Thursday 24th May
Today we had our class photo - it turned out really great - Mr K got a sneak peak at it! We really are a good looking bunch :)
During Science today we learnt what a RAS alert was and how we can use it to help us remember things. RAS stands for Reticulator Activating System and it is a part of our brains that helps we remember. When we activate the RAS it helps us learn and retain information. Here is a video we used to help us learn about Erosion and Weathering - we would love to know what you have learnt :)

Wednesday 23rd May
It is great to be back today - thank you for a fantastic day 4K - it is lovely to come back to hear excellent feedback from the relief teacher. You make me very proud - keep up the hard working attitudes. Last week we started to learn about Google Docs and we started looking at editing a document collboratively. Using Google Docs we can all edit 1 document and add our ideas into 1 space. We thought it was pretty exciting.
Check out our History recap that we worked on this afternoon - these are some of the things we have learnt about the First Fleet already this term - There are also some photographs here of us working collaboratively on this document - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jZkCVpJP7qrQRFpa14ILPcW30GlMob0QCuz3NFCK1Pg/edit
googledoc1.jpg googledoc2.jpg
Friday 18th May
Thank you all for a great week and for the wonderful birthday wishes and treats yesterday. I had a wonderful day :)
This week we did some amazing learning and it is great to see the children's homework - please check the homework sheet and this weeks email home for some important notes about school photos next week. In week 7 we have our Athletics day so please pencil this into your diary (if you have not already). More information will come soon.
Have a fantastic weekend and the homework is up online now if you wanted to get a head start.
Wednesday 16th May
Last week we did some Science experiments for our learning on Erosion and Weathering - we used Maltesers (thanks to Harry) and Brooklyn showed us an experiment using water and dirt as well as with sand type material and wind - it is great learning when we have something to see and do!
Check out the Science page for more details and photographs of our experiments - click here to go there NOW!

Tuesday 15th May
Today we are going to learn about Google Docs and collaborative spaces. A Google Doc is like 'Word' but online and everyone can edit and view it. We are going to be editing this document below to show our learning (so far) about the First Fleet.

Monday 14th May
Welcome back to week 5.
A special welcome this week to Paris and her family who have joined 4K and Paris' sister Gigi in Year 2. We know you will all make them feel very welcome!
Have a great week :)
Mr K
Sunday 13th May - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
Today is Mother's Day. I wish every mum a special and happy day today.
Last week in 4K we worked very hard to ensure every child had something special for their mum. Here is a photo of us on Friday with some of the goodies we prepared to wish our mum a special day!
Tuesday 8th May
Today for Grammar we learnt all about Similes so we can make our writing more entertaining for an audience. A simile is (in our own words):

"describing something by comparing it to something else using the words like or as".

Check out the Punctuation and Grammar Page for photographs of all of our simile sentences we made up to help us describe things. Please leave us some feedback as well. Here are 2 examples done by Oliver and Angus: Please go to the above page to see everyone elses.
Monday 7th May
Welcome back to week 4. Today we had a focus on finishing up our novel from Term 1 - The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda. We have been busy completing tasks to show our understanding of the book. Today we learnt about hot seating during Drama and here are some photographs of us working in small groups to practice our hot seating skills. Can you tell that we are in character?
hotseatingdrama1.JPG hotseatingdrama2.JPG
hotseatingdrama13.JPG hotseatingdrama16.JPG
Friday 4th May
Well done 4K - great week of learning! Over the weekend I am going to be checking out your pages so tidy them up, edit spelling and add some of your exciting learning and some images of what you have been doing - I am going to give out $5000 cash flow on Monday - it will be shared between the people's pages who I think are OUTSTANDING!!! Good luck and work hard :)
See you on Monday
Mr K

Wednesday 2nd May
Hi Parents
Here is the copy of the Term 2 curriculum overview - please have a read through - there is a copy coming home with your child tomorrow.
Please also note that the Noticeboard on the Wiki has been updated with all known events upcoming for Term 2
Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me :)

Saturday 28th April
Kia Ora 4K - I hope you are having a lovely weekend - we still have 3 more people to give cash flow too for the What Am I - so have a look and get your answers in.
I have been busy this weekend getting ready for next week and I stumbled across this cool website called Clay Yourself. You can create an Avatar of yourself made of virtual clay. It is a bit of fun and you can then download it and add it to your page as a photograph like I have below - have a go and Clay Yourself this weekend :)
See you on Monday for a week of exciting learning in 4K :)
Thursday 26th April
WOW - We have just reached an amazing milestone in 4K with 1000 visitors to our wiki!!!!! Congratulations 4K and thank you to everyone who supports the learning in 4K :)
Remember to have a go at the WHAT AM I page on the wiki - there are still 3 cash flow prizes to give out and some people are very close.
Have a great rest of your week and don't forget your homework tomorrow :)
Mr K

Wednesday 25th April - ANZAC day
Today is a very special day for Australians and New Zealanders. It is ANZAC day - a day when we remember those from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
We had a great day yesterday and today learning more about the ANZAC's and about why ANZAC day is special to us.
Today we had a very special commemoration assembly after we made our own wreath to lay to remember those soldiers who lost their lives. We will remember them.
Here are some photographs from our day:
Anzac10.jpg Anzac8.jpg
Anzac9.jpg Anzac5.jpg
Anzac7.jpg Anzac6.jpg
Anzac11.jpgAnzac1.jpg Anzac4.jpg
Anzac3.jpg Anzac2.jpg
Friday 20th April
This week our grammar focus has been on conjunctions. We have been learning all about them and what they are. Conunctions help us to join phrases and sentences. We have completed a variety of activities this week and today we watched this you tube clip - share this with someone who you think might need to learn about conjunctions. The next test is to see if we can use and identify them correctly in our writing.

Yesterday we created criteria for "What makes a GREAT audience?" and "What makes a GREAT speaker?" - here is what we came up with ........

Wednesday 18th April
Today we started off the day by learning about something new in 4K - our wacky word of the week - this week's word is below - if you have a suggestion of a wacky word email Mr K on ckemp@avondalegs.com.sg
Also today we got stuck into Mathletics - our NEW Australian Curriculum has been set up so everything in Mathletics now links directly to what we need to know by the end of Year 4 - it is AMAZING!
We started off today on the laptops by taking a test to see what we learnt yesterday about Conjunctions and WOW was Mr K impressed with how well we did - our results showed we all know what a conjunction is and how to use it in a sentence - we ALL know it is a joining word. After the short test we logged into Mathletics and did our assigned tasks for the day and had a chance to explore - some comments were heard around the room like "This is awesome", "I love maths", "I didn't know maths could be this fun", and Mr K was pretty happy to hear comments like that! Here are some photos of us exploring online and some screenshots of us on the leaderboard - not only are we enjoying maths but we are some of the top students in Singapore - WOW!!!! GO 4K .....
photo_(4).jpg mathletics1.jpg
Tuesday 17th April
What a great start to Term 2 - we have been busy learning about our new topics and finishing off the publishing of our autobiographies which are all going on to our individual wiki pages - so check them out! Remember to use Mathletics - it is fantastic and you all have your usernames and passwords stuck into the front of your diaries - we are going to have a competition and I am going to track your progress this term. Let's start by seeing who can get into the top 50 student's leaderboard by the end of next week - if you can cash flow will be coming your way - for an extra challenge let's see if we can get our class into the top 50 classes in Singapore by the end of next week - go for it and see what you learn ...... To get to Mathletics - click here!

Monday 16th April
Welcome back to Term 2. I hope you all had a relaxing break and your batteries are recharged and ready for another busy and exciting term of learning in 4K.
We have had a busy start to the term today - homework and spelling has been done and the new homework sheet is on the wikispace.
This term we will be looking at Aboriginal art, we will be finishing The Key To Rondo and starting James and the Giant Peach. For history we will be looking at the first fleet and for science we are focussing on Earth, the sun and the moon. We will be doing a lot of work around positive relationships, bullying, trust and perseverance this term for Health and our writing and reading focus is on Poetry for the start of Term 2 (although we have got our autobiographies to finish first).
Have a GREAT term and keep up the hard work.
Mr K

Friday 30th March
We are back from an amazing 4 days at our Sea Gypsy camp in Malaysia. What an experience and what an amazing group of children. Our arrival back at school also marks the end of Term 1 and what a whirlwind of a term it has been. It has been amazing to get to know everyone in 4K and I look forward to the remainder of our year.
Over the next few days I will be working through our camp photos and will be uploading them to Photobucket - an online photo sharing website. From this site you can access them all and download the ones you would like - I will also upload a selection to our camp page so keep an eye on it.
Have a great holiday break and make sure that everyone recharges their batteries. I look forward to term 2 and the exciting learning experiences I have planned for the children.
Mr Kemp

Tuesday 20th March
Week 9 already and time is flying by. We are busy writing our autobiographies and trying to finish things up before camp next week (which we are all very excited about).
Today for Mind Create (our 5 minute writing topic that we do most mornings) we watched this cool video called Simon's Cat - watch this and challenge someone to continue writing and make up their own story - see what they come up with. Pause the video at 1min 14sec ...... Enjoy and post your writing on your wiki once you have had a go with this - challenge your family!

Thursday 15th March
WOW 4K - what an amazing assembly - I am such a proud teacher! You should all be very proud of yourselves. Your presentation skills were exceptional and I was very impressed with your recorder playing, singing and language performances. What a great way to start the year! Keep up the hard work and enjoy the remainder of our term. Check out a couple of the photographs that Miss Wood kindly took of you during assembly. Also attached is our wikispace Video that was shown at assembly - enjoy and please leave feedback.

IMG_7086.JPG IMG_7074.JPG
IMG_7072.JPG IMG_7069.JPG
IMG_7058.JPG IMG_7050.JPG
IMG_7046.JPG IMG_7081.JPG
Wednesday 14th March
Tomorrow it is our assembly - make sure if you have a speaking part that you are ready to go. Remember your big smiles and loud proud voices. I am very excited to see your wonderful performance - I know you will be great!

Thursday 8th March
The Novel Challenge is going so well that people are flying through their activities and showing great understanding of the books they are readying - I am very impressed with the understanding you have of your books when you conference with me. Here are the additional activities for you to choose from once you have completed your first 3 novels - pick and choose between these 30 activities for each novel you read - complete it and prepare to conference with me - this is also displayed on all classroom wall and on the Reading page.

Please check out the writing page to see the hard work we were doing today - editing our writing and learning how to correctly use a dictionary.

Wednesday 7th March
Yesterday we were the first to use our new pod of 8 iPads and boy was it exciting. We used them to help us do some research for History. We have been looking at Sea Explorers and we have had questions about when this was happening. So we used the laptops and iPads to help us research the Age of discovery - here are some photographs of us working hard in our groups to see what we could learn and find out.
IMG_6952.JPG IMG_6951.JPG
IMG_6938.JPG IMG_6958.JPG
Friday 2nd March
March already - this term has already sped by us, but it is great to see what the children have learnt and the great things they are producing.
Next week's homework sheet has already been uploaded to the wikispace if you would like to get a head start over the weekend. You can find it by clicking here.
Next week we have Parent Interviews all week - if you have not made an appointment to go over your child's ILP and you would like to meet up please email me and we can organise a time to sit down and go over goals for the year.
A reminder that we are hosting the first parent assembly in week 8 in the Multi Purpose Hall. This will be on Thursday 15th March. We would love to see you there.
Please keep a close eye on the wikispace and on your child's individual page as we develop it and add to it together!
Have a fantastic weekend.

Monday 27th February
We are at school and have had a great start to week 6. We have been busy learning about 2-digit addition using algorithms and trading today and we have started delving deeper into our autobiographies.
Today is exactly 1 month since our wikispace went live and I am blown away that we have had 462 unique visitors to this page. That means that there are hundreds of people following what you share and your learning. Keep your individual pages exciting and updated with your learning.

Friday 24th February
A great end to a fantastic week. Next week's homework sheet is up on the wiki under the Homework Page.
We had some trouble during ICT today with our work on www.wordle.net - havea go at home now that you know what to do - we will try and get this working for next week to display a few things about us.
Have a safe and happy weekend - Please remember to get your camp forms back on Monday!

Wednesday 22nd February
Today during writing we did our research, read some autobiographies and used our prior knowledge to find out what we know about Autobiographies. These our our discoveries so far. The discoveries are the things we think should be included when we write our own GREAT autobiographies. We used our Mimio Interactive Whiteboard to record our ideas - the initials beside each idea is who discovered it or shared it. Let us know if you think we are missing something important :)

Tuesday 21st February
I wanted to share this amazing picture with you that shows just how many people we have already had visiting your wikispace. 324 people from 14 different countries in less than 1 month!!
It just goes to show you already have a GLOBAL audience and you have people from ALL over the world wanting to share your learning experiences with you. This makes it VERY important that you keep your page updated and FULL of information that is accurate, exciting to read and has correct spelling and punctuation.
WELL DONE 4K - I am very proud!!!!
clustr_map_22_Feb_2012_-_4K.jpg wiki_clustr_map_countries_22_Feb_2012_-_4K.jpg
Friday 17th February
Happy Birthday Toby - we hope you have a GREAT day!
Today for ICT we recapped how to upload a photo and a video onto our pages - if you get stuck - ask a friend - they are always good people to go to when you are unsure!
We also learnt how to make a "Voki". This is VERY exciting as we can make a character and make them talk - go to www.voki.com and click on create - it is simple and straight forward and we had a good practice at school.
Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and be happy. See you all on Monday!
Thursday 16th February
So far Sir Kiwi (our class mascot) has been to 3 homes for the weekend and he is absolutely loving it - there are some great photo's of his journey's so far - you can see them by clicking here.
He has been swimming, on a boat, to the night safari, to underwater world, hanging by the pool, watching TV, plus much more. Sir Kiwi lives a pretty GREAT life and it is exciting and a real privilege when you get to take him home. I wonder who will be honoured by having him this weekend? HINT - It will be someone who is a GREAT listener ..... keep trying hard and it might be you .......

Wednesday 15th February
Today Mr K taught us a COOL new Math game to help us with our basic facts. Make sure you ask about it and you can play it at home - it is going to help us get better at our facts.

Monday 13th February
Today is an exciting day in 4K because we are logging into our wikispace for the first time. Today we are creating our login's and updating our individual pages for the first time. We are learning about the Wiki rules and we are learning how to upload information and edit our pages.
By the time the children get home tonight they will have their login information and will be able to edit their page with new information at home and at school whenever they can. Cash flow will be given to the children who keep their page up to date.

Friday 10th February
Yesterday in the Library with Mrs Mathew the children got new books out and completed an activity from the previous week to do with a book they read during their Library session - they now have a display up in the Library, showcasing their discussion and their ideas - here are some photos of this display .....
IMG_6851.JPG IMG_6852.JPG
IMG_6850.JPG IMG_6849.JPG
Wednesday 8th February
We were very excited this morning to start the day! Today we got to Skype Mr Kemp's old school in New Zealand - Grant's Braes School - in Dunedin.
We spoke to the Year 4 Class (NZ Year 4, Year 5 here) and we introduced each other and asked questions about life in New Zealand and life in Singapore. We learnt a lot and are very excited about our connection. We hope to start a regular Basic Facts Challenge between our classrooms - this will give us a lot of inspiration to get better at our facts....
Here are some photographs from today's Skype session in 4K.
IMG_6843.JPG IMG_6841.JPG
Tuesday 7th February
Here is a photo of our Art display that we did to help introduce ourselves during the first week - what do you think? We would love your feedback .....
Tuesday 7th February
Yesterday was Waitangi day - New Zealand's national day and we learnt all about what it is and why it is special to New Zealander's. Mr Kemp was very jealous that all of his friends and family had a day off. We have been busy doing a lot of assessments in 4K over the last week which is helping us learn more about each other. Everyone is coping very well with it all and it is great to see people starting to come out of their shells. Here are some photos of us doing some group work for history - we are finding out about Sea Explorers.
IMG_6826.JPG IMG_6824.JPG
IMG_6823.JPG IMG_6821.JPG
Wednesday 1st February
Thank you to the parent's and caregivers who attended our Primary Centre Information night tonight.
Here is the Powerpoint that I shared as promised as well as the handout of our classroom overview for Term 1 -
I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning in 4K!

Tuesday 31st January
The children have been busy getting stuck into rules and routines over the last week and it is great to see them settling into our classroom.
They have also been busy taking some tests so Mr K can learn more about them.

Monday 30th January
Kia ora and welcome to 4K's Wikispace. We hope everyone has had a great break and you are ready for an exciting and busy year ahead. This Wikispace will be the source of information sharing throughout the year from notices, to homework and individual pages. We will do our best to post regularly to this Wiki. Please have a look around and see what it is all about. For more information or if you need any questions answered - please get in touch with me on ckemp@avondalegs.com.sg
Check back soon for some more exciting updates as the children start to explore their new spaces.
Craig Kemp (Class Teacher)IMG_6952.JPGIMG_6956.JPGIMG_7081.JPG